To help build healthy families, Genesis Genetics South Africa offers a range of reproductive genetic tests using advanced molecular technologies. These include preimplantation, prenatal, postnatal and preconception genetic testing.

It’s in our DNA

We have a specialist team of molecular geneticists, genetic counsellors and medical doctors that are able to work closely with you to fulfil our mission – helping build healthy families.

Pioneers in reproductive genetics

Our founder, Dr Mark Hughes, was part of the first team to perform genetic testing on embryos for inherited genetic conditions, over twenty years ago. In 1993, Dr Hughes’ research was recognised by Science magazine as being one of the ten most significant advances in all of science that year – spanning all the physical, biological and mathematical sciences. Through this pioneering work, preimplantation genetic testing was born. Genesis Genetics has performed many of the first, and continually successful, cases of preimplantation genetic testing in the world. Genesis Genetics has performed thousands of procedures that involve preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening (PGD and PGS respectively) and is widely recognised as a global leader.

Global reach, local presence

Genesis Genetics has 12 laboratories located in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Taiwan, and South Africa, giving us a truly global reach and a local presence.

The wonder of genetic testing has helped many people to achieve their dream of having a healthy family. Hundreds of clinics throughout the world choose Genesis Genetics as their first choice for reproductive genetic testing, making us one the most trusted and experienced laboratories.

Genesis Genetics South Africa is a Next Biosciences company

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